Agriculture Textiles


Since many years we offer a wide range with different applications for agriculture, vegetable- fruit- wine- growing and horticulture.
Our fabrics are specially manufactured from 100% high quality virgin HDPE with highest tensile strength due to special extrusion processes and highest quality additives.
With a combination of state-of-the-art weaving technology and most careful quality control a regular weave and extreme long lifespan is secured.


Market leader of PE SiloNets

TW SiloNets, fabrics from 180g/m² up to more than 230g/m² (for strongest protection of your silage film), with loops woven into the mesh - to fix SiloBags with a cord for ballast so that the previous normal practice of covering with sand or tires is not necessary.

Benefits at a glance


silobag hooked
Silo, film protected by nets and fixed by bags.   Silobag, hooked in belts 


Further applications


For an even more optimal protection of e.g. (barrier) films of the premium class and longer durability - particulary high-quality fabrics, closely woven with very strong yarns to prevent the threads from shifting.



TW SiloBags provide reliable protection for the edges of silos.
By placing the silo bags every 5 meters crosswise, the silage protection cover is fixed and extra weighting is obtained.
The bags fix each other in place by means of supporting sleeves.
Tires do not provide an air tight positioning because of their circular shape. On the contrary silo bags are flexible and can be positioned in straight lines (hermetically airtight). Unlike tires, which lure small rodents and vermin, and might have metal pieces that could damage the plastic film - environmental laws state tires to be recycled - silo bags keep your silage and in addition the environment clean.

Benefits at a glance

Further Applications


Silobags can be fixed in a stable cross barrier to ensure a safe, hermetic sealing.


HDPE fabric for watering points in chicken pens