We are able to supply a wide range of different monofil fabrics (also with Tape, UV protection, flame retardant) up to >300 g/m² - according to your requirements.
High-tech to-the-point-solutions customized upon requested technical specifications with state-of-the-art weaving technologies for industry and commerce, opportunities for future-orientated applications.



For drainage- and filter applications, for water treatment

Finely structured mesh offers reliable separation while ensuring a high flow rate at the same time
(e.g. for biological systems, for clarification/filter plant, septic tank, refurbishment work)
With different opening sizes = water permeabilities (e.g. 30 - >200 l/ms)
Providing a different combination of sand tightness and water permeability to fit specific filtration or drainage requirements
Can be used in under drain systems to help prevent soil from entering the drainage system and as a separator under pavement, gravel path, riding arenas
Made from high density polyethylene, UV-stabilized and high tensile strength
Available with woven-in loops (for e.g. under water applications)


Erosion-Control and Vegetation Nets

(optional also flame retardant) e.g. for embankments, landscaping, revetment systems, riverbank and bed protection, bottom- and bank erosion, coastal protection.
Secures additional soil stabilization and the sod is getting thicker and stronger by rooting with the fabric.
Can also be used to protect grass/sward (e.g. golf courses or parks) against moles.
Several years UV-stabilized and high tensile strength.
With different opening sizes