Protection Textiles


Bale cover



Grain protection

Finely woven tear-proof & resistant grain protection fabric, optimal ventilation, protects stored grain from dirt and vermin.



Large sized wind- & weather protection, catch fences

long life span fabric,
made from 100% virgin HDPE
UV stability of up to 10 years and longer

Suitable for enabling protection barriers against wind action. This mesh is woven with monofilaments which does not fray, guaranteeing high wind resistance of up to 150km / hour. The use of this mesh allows a protection of 10m long for each meter of height of the mesh, this allows to place wind barriers at greater distances than other meshes of the market, thus achieving a substantial saving in poles and wire - they offer the best and fastest wind protection method.
Prevents the loss of foliage, buds, flowers, fruits, or even the loss of the plant, soil erosion, rapid loss of moisture, lack of moisture, reduced growth due to stress and low pollination.
These meshes are designed to spread the wind by diverting it upwards.
Ideal to protect greenhouses.
The perfect choice around tennis courts, play areas, polly tunnels, fruit cages, vegetable beds, newly planted hedging, carports, allotments, nursery and commercial areas where safety and security is needed.
And the perfect combination for privacy from neighbours, sun shade and as a windbreak netting use vertically or horizontally, ideal for attaching to chainlink fence, trellis, residential garden or commercial fencing for added privacy, construction, building site security and safety.
The breathable weave of the fabric allows air to flow through keeping you and your pets, dog kennels, cattery, chicken runs, horse stables cooler in summer when fixed overhead.

More Common Uses:

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Different types of nets for sport fields / ball stop


Horticulture and Playground protection

Foliage, dirtiness, dogs- and cats excrement and rubbish pollute playgrounds (and e. g. beach volleyball) in particular during the winter. The cleanup in spring is cost- and labor intensive. You can prevent this if you use our covers for horticulture and playgrounds.

Benefits at a glance:


Insect nets

Are particularly designed to cover greenhouses and vegetable farms to prevent insects from entering the greenhouses to damage the plants. This will reduce the usage of pesticide and improve the farming product quality as well. The nets also help to adjust room temperature and sun radiation.
The main usage is the protection of vegetables and flower crops against viruses carried by insects and against insects causing directly damages.

It can also be used to prevent plants from birds or protect poultry farming or to divide sections of fisheries.

Material HDPE monofilament, from <30 to 140g/m²
Mesh / cm from 6 cm to 20 cm
(Monofilament Yarn dia. 0.18 - 0.26 mm)
Color Blue, Green, White, Black, Red, etc.
Width 1m - >5m
Length / roll 30-500 metre (according to your requirement)
Light transmission from 65% to 95%.




Hail / Bird protection

Protection against the weather (e.g. hail, storm, dust or other foreign materials) and birds.
The HDPE material contains a special UV stabilizer, and it's unique weaving pattern (LENO way) not only stops falling of various sizes of hail,
but also it won't affect the absorption of sunlight to the agricultural products.

Material Monofilament HDPE
Density 2.6/3    2.6/3.5    2.6/4    4/4    5/4    per cm
Shade 6% to 10 %
Weave Leno


Truck- & Container Covers, Load securing

Best protection during transport and storage for use in industry, commerce, transport and agriculture.
Ideal for the covering and protection of objects and materials in the house, in the garden, for industry and agriculture.


High quality groundcover

Prevents weeds from spreading,
100 g/m², UV stabilized
Rolls in various widths up to 5.20 m